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"Rewind/Retro Weekends"

Now, this might not be such a pressing thing to those of you that still listen to the good music but don't remember when it came out...

I just realised that the only time I get to hear the songs that I know and love is when they put them on those flashback times. That's scary to me. To think, I'm nowhere near thirty yet and all of my fave music is already oldies!

Am I the only one who is saddened to turn past the Classic Rock station and hear Alice in Chains, or Pearl Jam? Does it concern anyone else when they realise those songs they know all the words to are (for the most part) ten years old or more, but they seem like they just came out yesterday because you can still remember when they did?

You know what this means? Soon enough we're going to have 90s stations like they have 80s stations for the people we thought were old and out of it because they were listening to crap when music was explodingly good all around them... and we're going to be them. Wow. Being in your twenties was never meant to be old...
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