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I thought this was cool

A forthcoming Alice In Chains tribute helmed by Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray's Warner Bros. imprint label Bullygoat Records has been heavily rumoured. The effort, said to carry the title "We Pay Our Debt Sometimes: A Tribute To Alice In Chains", is slated to feature contributions from a wealth of rock/nu metal acts.

Moreover, studio musicianship for the outing is said to largely be overseen by the most recent Alice In Chains rhythm section, consisting of bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney.

The very tentative list of tracks reportedly set to look as follows:

# Mudvayne - "Bleed The Freak"
# Cold - "Junkhead"
# Cardboard Vampyres - "Don't Follow"
# Static-X - "Again"
# Breaking Benjamin - "Would?"
# Patrick Lachman / Jerry Cantrell - "Sea Of Sorrow"
# Aaron Lewis - "Am I Inside"
# Bloodsimple - "Rain When I Die"
# Puddle Of Mudd - "I Stay Away"
# Mark Lanegan / Mike McCready - "Frogs"
# Adema - "Nutshell"
# Audioslave - "Rooster"
# Zakk Wylde / Jerry Cantrell - "Heaven Beside You"

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