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I Can't Complain

1. Name

2. Age

3. Location
Las Vegas

4. Gender

5. What do you like most about 90s alternative music?
It always felt so real and true and honest to me, evoking a sense of heartfelt expression, and providing an outlet for those kids that felt no one else was addressing their concerns. I went from listening to the music that I was raised around (blues, R&B, etc) to realizing that music really didn't do anything for me anymore, because I had almost nothing in common with the artists who made it, nor those who listened to it. It was at that time that I started listening to KROQ (in LA) and eveything became roses...

6. Top 5 90s alternative bands.
Smashing Pumpkins
Alice in Chains
Nine Inch Nails

7. Top 5 90s alternative albums.
Mellon Collie and the infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins
In Utero - Nirvana
Garbage - Garbage
The Crow Soundtrack
Monster - REM

8. Top 5 90s alternative songs.
Saints - The Breeders
Twiggy Twiggy - Pizzicato Five
Your Woman - White Town
Girls and Boys - Blur
Angry Johnny - Poe

9. Which 90s alternative band do you hate or like the least.
That's really hard for me to say, since I had/have such an open mind regarding music and all... Perhaps Oasis, because they couldn't help but slam everyone else that wasn't them (like Blur, who I happen to love), and sometimes those that were them...

10. Most attractive/best looking 90s alternative musician.
I always thought that there was something undeniably sweet about Billy Corgan, not in the classically beautiful sense, but something very honest and attractive about him... and for women, Shirley Manson is the undeniably hottest girl EVER.

11. Best voice?
I have such odd tastes, I always loved the sound of Billy Corgan's voice, being able to listen to it for hours on end. But in the regular sense of a good voice, I would have to say Trent Reznor, because when he's actually singing and not screaming, there's something kinda haunting in his voice that I love.

12. Most talent?
Billy Corgan, being that he's multi-instrumentally talented and he writes songs, prose, poetry...

13. Tell a little about yourself. Just something to get to know you better.
I came from LA to Vegas in high school and even though I missed the greatness of LA, I love where I live now. I go to college, studying English (I used to say because of my hero, Rivers Cuomo from Weezer), and I'm engaged with two little black cats.

14. Any other music genres you love?
I love Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM (don't really like other electronic too much though), as well as Blues, some really old Country and Bluegrass, and 50s Soul and Doo-Wop. I have eclectic tastes.

15. Post 3 or more pictures of yourself.
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