L (lilymyone) wrote in fit_this_shoe,

almost like an update...

So I was reading about how the new Garbage album, Bleed Like Me, was coming along, and how Dave Grohl is playing on a track or two, and I happened to stumble upon this great little piece of a site that has a Garbage interview on the making of the entire album, track by track. It's great.


Hope that isn't supposed to be a secret site, or something, only for contest entries... OH WAIT! That's right, there's a contest to enter to win a trip to see Garbage, and/or a copy of their new album (I promise, I am not a like, spam-thingy, I just really like Garbage), but I don't have that website, I'm sure it's under Geffen somewhere.

Ok, I'm done now... ^_^
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