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Lovers of 90's alt music
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Hello, this is a rating community for people who love the alternative music of the 90s. You will be rated on your answers in your application, your personality and your looks. To join this community, click HERE. Make sure to read the rules below.

1. Fill out the simple application found below.
2. Must put "I can't complain" in the subject. If this rule is not followed then I know you did not read the rules and you are automatically rejected.
3. MUST USE LJ-CUT!! If you do not know how to use a lj-cut, read here.
4. Do not vote on other app's or post entries until you have been accepted.
5. Stay active.
6. Do not make rude comments to the mods, YOU WILL BE BANNED!!

Once accepted...
1. Feel free to rate any new applicants.
2. Promote, promote, promote!!
3. Post away!! Must use LJ Cut if posting pictures/long entries/memes.

If not accepted...
1. Don't fret, you could always try again in a week!

1. Name
2. Age
3. Location
4. Gender
5. What do you like most about 90s alternative music?
6. Top 5 90s alternative bands.
7. Top 5 90s alternative albums.
8. Top 5 90s alternative songs.
9. Which 90s alternative band do you hate or like the least.
10. Most attractive/best looking 90s alternative musician.
11. Best voice?
12. Most talent?
13. Tell a little about yourself. Just something to get to know you better.
14. Any other music genres you love?
15. Post 3 or more pictures of yourself.

And don't forget, this is just for fun. Don't take anything too personal.


Accepted: Updated: 1/31/2005

Rejected: You must wait one week to apply again if you have been rejected
ilovenirvana 8/5/2004
ninja_monkee 8/5/2004
shadowplay86 8/11/2004
the_storyso_far 8/12/2004
waitinforthesun 8/13/2004
its_only_blair 8/20/2004
punkymunky86 8/29/2004

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